The Power of “LIKES”

Yesterday, we were working in the portrait studio on lighting changes, because I’m rarely satisfied with the status quo…I always like to push myself and wrangle the light…I am the master of the light, I don’t let it push me around.  After we had finished with one lighting setup, I wanted to test one more light.  I was working with my assistant Stephanie in front of the camera.  Soon I had the results I was seeking for her, so I said, “let’s switch”….I wanted to see how the light would fall on someone with 99% less hair.  She’s used to me coaching her and I encourage her doing the same.  I took her position and in just a few moments, here’s what we made.  Other than a quick conversion to B&W, using one of my formulas, this is a straight “print”, as we used to say in the darkroom. (no dodging, burning or manipulation).

For chuckles, I put the file up on my Facebook page as my “Profile” image.  In under 24 hours, that one image had garnered over 125 “LIKES”.  This proves the simpler the better.  Many of the comments were most flattering.  Most Facebook profile photos are “selfies” or snapshots.  It’s the rare bird that posts a real “made” image, versus a snap.  Look at the value of a made image!  Wouldn’t you love to receive praise for your image?  If so, we are here for you.  Give us a call and let us turn your image into simple power.  Thank you!  JRW                                    231-941-4020

JRW profile 2014_web

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