What’s the one thing that EVERYONE wants?

It’s been the ONE eternal quest in all humanity.  

It’s written into our Declarations of Independence.

It seems to be ingrained into our psyche…The search for HAPPINESS.

Life is full of challenges, hurdles, hills, mountains, tragedy.

The harbor from the storms of life are laughs, smiles, hugs, excitement and entertainment that makes us HAPPY.

I am so fortunate.  I’m in the ‘happy’ business of photography.

People often remark how happy I am here at work…how I love working with people and making pictures with them…and making them HAPPY!

Photography celebrates happiness!

I could never be in in a downer job.  Having to deal with bad stuff, injury, divorce, acrimony, death, sickness, bad news….UGH!

I love to make people happy!  I affirm them with creating beautiful images of themselves, or what they create, or the environments they create.

Milestones are celebrated through photography.  New jobs, engagements, promotions, campaigns, marketing, weddings, accomplishments and creations are all heralded through special images.

Think of photos you treasure that make you happy.

Photography Records YOUR Memories.

Every single portrait I create, the subject is always so HAPPY with how great they look….they tell me it’s almost ‘mental health’ to see themselves look sot great.

Who says you can’t buy happiness?

Happiness Happens Here, every single day!

Come see, here at the Happy Studio!

Then, you can sing like these guys…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdT3tn1lWZo

Thank YOU!




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