Love your camera, but your photos aren’t so hot?

Hey! Would you REALLY like to learn photography from a photographer and get CREDIT for it?

I’m now the Digital Photography faculty at NMC…my course is open for registration now! I’d love to have you in my class! If it fills up, they may add additional sections…it will meet in the NMC Fine Arts building….here’s the info:

ART 174 – Digital Photography
CRN: 2842
The learner will gain a strong understanding of light, and how it illuminates the subject, become proficient in the use of the adjustable digital camera and demonstrate, explain and craft both the history and the creative process of photography. Visual learning will allow the development of a b+w and color core of composition. Group 2 course. NMC Catalog Information

Campus: Main
Delivery Method: Lab/Studio
Credits: 3.0
Contact Hrs: 4.0
Tuition is based on Contact Hours and Residency.
If this course has any specific fees, they will be listed under the Class Fees section.

Base fees (other charges may apply)
Level Description Amount

Scheduled Meeting Times
Type Time Days Where Date Range Delivery Method Instructors
Class 3:10 pm – 5:10 pm T Fine Arts 105 Aug 23, 2014 – Dec 13, 2014 Lab/Studio
Class 3:10 pm – 5:10 pm R Fine Arts 120 Aug 23, 2014 – Dec 13, 2014 Lab/Studio 

I’ve been teaching NMC Extended Education classes in Photography, now, starting in the fall, I’ll be teaching how to MAKE photos, in the classroom studio and in the computer lab.

This class will cover the basics of photography and bring the learner to realize that photography is NOT about the camera, it’s about the photographer taking control and making images, like a chef creates a fine meal.

It will be more fun and you will learn the workflow of creating images.


If photography is your passion, THIS is where you should be!

You, Me and NMC!

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