Sing it RAY!

The number one Billboard Hit in 1970, was a happy, uplifting ditty by Ray Stevens, “Everything Is Beautiful”. I loved that song. It had all the right notes, hooks, and words. Ray threw in just the right mixture of production down home philosophy, rising to a big finish….talk about a great feel-good song! It was hard to miss the message that is universal, yet so overlooked. Everything IS Beautiful!
The song was picked up and used a a recruiting tool for every church around.
(here’s a campy re-make of the original….do your self a favor and listen, if it’s been a while. The video is so dated, it’s now an un-intended comedy, so avert your eyes, deary.)

Sing it one more time, RAY!!!

See, since that song was created, this world of ours invented the computer, Internet, MTV, cable TV, smart phones and a billion ways to see published media. If the general public had a self-image problem when Ray wrote that song in 1970, it’s an outright epidemic today.

You and your brain, your soul and your spirit are living in the most visually bombarded moment in the history of the world. Every media type out there is a huge image pump. Sucking in, pressurizing and forcing out a constant stream of photos and videos to cram through your peepers 24-7. I think that’s why so many people wear sunglasses now.

So, this huge world-wide media pump has to stay on top. An the universal thing that will catch everyone’s eye, is that moment’s version of “beauty”. With billions of sets of eyes, this is BIG BUSINESS! And just like oil companies, they will do anything to spin a story. We have become what I call “visually literate” (the ability to sort style and stuff at an amazing rate, and understand it), but most of us are downright blind to see that every sensational photo is a creation, NOT A SNAPSHOT.

Every day I hear women say to me their excuse for not getting a portrait made of themselves is, “I don’t look good enough”.
As compared to…….?

Is there something missing in the connection of the brain here?

Let’s set this straight…..YOU are not in competition with anyone. Of all the people in this world, one else looks like you, because they aren’t you. The photos and images you see of these perfectly styled creations, don’t look so hot when they get out of bed. If you think these “beautiful people” look like this in reality, then you must also think clowns wake up with their make-up already on.

Yes, these “beautiful people” (creations) are another version of the “clown”. It’s THAT made-up!

So if you have the mindset that you don’t measure up to some slovenly media editor’s (who are not so-good-looking, I gotta tell ‘ya) ideal, you are totally right!

You don’t stand a chance. It’s impossible. Flat-out cannot happen!

Why? It’s simple! What you see is a creation, a fabrication from the talents of many different people. The image you see printed of some stunning woman started with a casting call, sorting out sizes, hair, etc., clothing editors and clothing designers, hair and skin stylists, skin and hair products, art directors, photographers, assistants, (and another 40+ people behind the camera), editors, directors, post production crews (the photo-shopping), composition staff, etc….I could go on. Just realize the amount of work by possibly hundreds of people it took to fabricate that image. It’s no more real than a paper doll is an actual person.

I believe and know to my core, everyone is beautiful, in their own way. (sing it Ray!!)

But just like we can’t all perform a pole vault, we do not know how to present our selves. We either neglect it or ignore it. Most of us have a self image that does not seem to match what we see in a snapshot. He are horrified or depressed when we see a different angle of ourselves than we see in the bathroom mirror with a tooth brush in our mouths.

Just like the denial we have when we hear our voices played back, when we see a snap shot, we have a tough time being convinced that it’s “us”. Here’s the reason….we have from birth, watched ourselves in a mirror….a 180 degree opposite view from the rest of the world. Everyone else knows us by the “backwards” version. Here’s a cool thing to do…..stand shoulder-to-shoulder with someone you know, in front of a mirror. Look at yourself. Yup, it’s you. Now look at the reflection of the person next to you. You will hardly recognize them! That’s the trick your brain is playing on you. So how do you think you can compete with anyone, when you don’t even know yourself?

Images are fabrications. Portrait artists for royalty, for centuries, painted the ideal version of their posed subjects (or a nasty beheading or dungeon visit was probably in their future). What we have perfected is a modern version of the real-ideal-YOU. We take away any stress or anxiety, (REALLLLLY relax you) we get your hair and skin better than any salon will do (because they are fixing you up for the street, not the camera) and then with the best light, your eyes sparkle, your expressions are caught and you are forever, Beautiful YOU!


©2011 JohnRobertWilliams

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