It’s all Greek to all of us!

Pablo, you are so close!

I stand in awe!

But everyone else has to live with the fact they’ve never dissected a term: PHOTOGRAPH
The wise soul in the middle 1800’s that coined the term PHOTOGRAPH, was smarter than the average bear!

We’ve all heard the term PHOTOGRAPH, or “photo”, all of our lives. Yet, few, if any among us, are scholars of Greek Language- the basic language of all things science.

All the medical jargon, physics, floura/fauna is mostly of Greek roots. If it’s not, it’s camped up to be so close.

HA! You wild and crazy scientists….you make me LAUGH!

So it goes for the heavy-duty scientific term: “Photo+Graph”.

OK Class, here we go.     Class? Class?


OK, we’ve all heard of “photo-synthesis”, right?  The study of the way plants convert pictures to fertilizer….(are we paying attention yet?) and “graph” like: “Billy, you are so dumb, you moved the bell curve of our class off the graph!”


Let’s try this again…Photo is Greek for the concept of “light”.
Graph is the Greek for “write”. (Like graphite pencil’s—get it?)

So, PHOTO+GRAPH = Light+Writing x (83.5% per annum, less a tip of 24.19862%.)

Class? Are you paying attention?

Billy, get your finger out of there!

So, some chap in the nineteenth century, decided to call this new invention with lenses for making images, instead of brushes or pencils, a “photograph”.

That’s the basis I like to take, when making a picture….”writing with light”.

With out a light, you can’t see the subject and with out a light, your camera is worthless. But the lens did or does “etch” an image on the film (or whatever), instead of hands drawing it….and dang-it, it sure is accurate!

I take a multti-pronged approach to making a Photo, I call it LASTT.
Approach (or attitude)
and the
Technical bits.

So before I make a photo, I consider all the parts I BRING TOGETHER, to make an image,
(see above list), and not just “take a pitcher”.

I use lights to carefully caress the subject. It’s the photographers’ job to “write with light”, not just carry a camera around and show the latest neck and chest bling.

A camera is a tool. A means to an end.
It’s a hammer.
We don’t go to the store to buy a hammer, then carry it around looking for important nails to be driven! No, we buy a hammer as part of the fastening process. We set the bits into place and then drive it home. (that’s why they call it “getting nailed”)

My cameras live on tripods. Set stable and ready to be walked-away from, as I set up the rest of the image.

I MAKE photos.

I Make Photos with LIGHT.

It’s the LIGHT that caresses the subject.

The subject IS the story, not the camera.

Done right, a properly aimed and focused camera can capture and record beauty, form, structure and brilliance, with unequaled clarity.

“Writing with light.”
Magic from the dark, an image appears….
Pablo got it.

It’s art.

The art of writing with light.

It makes for a beautiful image.

For Beautiful YOU.


©2011 JohnRobertWilliams

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