What do you look like?

Are you in the market for a new car?

Do you make time to go clothes shopping?

As you roll by a house with a FOR SALE sign out front, do you slow down and crane your neck?

Or how about new glasses?

Do you have plans for a new hair style?

Why do we want all these things?  The house we are in now, certainly was the place of our dreams!

You saved years and you paid for years after that, for the car you now drive.

Why do so many of us search out change?

Why do we do almost any of the things we choose do?

I think it’s a plan we carry around in the back of our head, to create the manifestation of our persona…of just who we are!

Why do we want one of those German import cars when the American Iron we have now, gets us where we want to go?


Why do we buy a certain glasses frames (or sunglasses frame?)


The fancy house with the bay view?  Tennis over lawn jarts? Country Club memberships?

Designer clothes?

Driving that groovy new German car, wearing our designer duds, up the driveway to the jaw-dropper McMansion?


We want to project a “look” that says, “Here I am!  This is me!”

Why do people do this?  Simple!


It turns heads.  It makes people think.  It boosts your ego and makes you feel better…because you LOOK BETTER than the average schlub that’s driving the 1989 F-150.

It’s a non-verbal statement that tells the world who you are, what taste you have and what tribe you prefer to associate with.

And it’s not just about income.

Two families of the same general financial status go car shopping.  One chooses a new Subaru (AWD) and the other family goes for the BMW (AWD).

It’s more than just taste, it’s also a statement, a badge.  It’s part of the fiber that woven together is the “look” you want to project.

That image, that “look” has cost a FORTUNE.

Probably just about everything that a person has made, (after taxes and food) has gone into building their dream abode, dream cars in the garage, fancy clothes in one closet, golf clubs in another.  The boat, out back.  It’s amazing!

How much of it is essential?

None of it.

But the image has cost everything.

It’s the American Dream!  Right here!  And you are living it!

So if you have changed your look, your style, your glasses, your hair, your job, it’s time for an image tune-up.

For the price of a visit to a hair dresser, I believe you should get this look recorded.

(You are not getting any younger!)

A proper portrait, speaks as many volumes about you as the nice car/clothes/house you have.

It shows you “get it”, you care about your image.

You’ve paid a fortune getting to this moment.  Spend a tiny fraction of that money to record and preserve it.

Will the legacy you leave behind, be all the finery you bought, or the tasteful image you leave to your family and future generations, as yet unborn, who will know what you looked like and just how darned good looking you were?

You can’t take the BMW with you, but you can leave behind the perfect version of you……the Beautiful YOU!

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