Irrational fear!

Isn’t it funny what we put off, just because we have some “fear” about something we “have” to do?

Can you remember something you were mortified of having to do, like going to a doctor’s appointment?

The huge exam!

Getting a cavity filled?

Wedding Day????!

Your first drivers licence test!

Moving to a new school or heading off to college?

In our head, it was some scary monster of an event, looming closer every day, getting larger and bigger and darker, arms out, ready to swallow us whole!

Then, it happened.

The thing we dreaded most was almost a non-event.  It was over in a flash, we seemed almost coddled.  It was actually painless, neigh, enjoyable!

We survived and thrived…wha was dreaded was just a stepping stone to a better place and a rung up the ladder of our lives!

So why do we spin out of control and get our knickers in such a twist over certain un-certain events?  Why do we make out things as “boogy-men”, in such an irrational way?

What ARE you AFRAID of?

Going through life in a state of fear is useless.  It holds you in it’s own grip….and fear becomes the “prayer for what you don’t want to have happen”.  It’s counter-productive.

More and more, I see the value in the “don’t worry-be happy’, mentality.

Worry and fear go hand-in-hand.  An it gets us no where in a forward direction.

Self confidence plays a big roll.

Self-image plays a big roll, too.

Who do you think you are and what do people think of you?

Are you Rhett Butler or Barney Fife?

Are you Madonna or Ellie Mae Clampett?


I have to admit, the old mentality of “having to get your picture taken” was almost as bad as getting arrested, on the fear-scale.  However, if you DO get arrested, you DO get your picture taken, in front of that famous ruler wall.  And that guy at the jail could give a darn if you look good or not.  (and chances are you look like a cat just horked you up)

But look at the statement, “having to get…”.  How negative!  How did your brain get there?

Look at all the people that WANT to be famous! They WANT their photo taken.  Making them look good.  Every famous person now, you know through photos.  That’s POWER!

All the performers, candidates, authors, athletes, sports stars, they all have mega marketing machines behind them, GETTING their photos OUT there!

It’s no accident, because IT WORKS!

So, let’s take you….is this the last “good” photo you had taken?


That speaks VOLUMES about you!

And not one of them is positive!

Was your last “good” photo of YOU, your high school senior portrait?  Do you still look like that?  I doubt it!

Have you ever noticed all the obits in the paper, describing all the great and wonderful things this person who just left us after a long and productive life…yet the family had no image to put in the column but an ancient senior portrait?

You live your life and THAT’S what you leave behind?

What were they afraid of?  That they grew older and never had another photo made?

We take our cars in for a tune-up, or new tires or an oil change….we take our pets into the vet for maintainence…we have the plumber stop by the house for some new pipes under the sink…..we go to the doctor for annual check-ups….we do everything EXCEPT tune up our own image!

If you are in sales, marketing, a professional, an entertainer, someone that deals with the public, you HAVE to put a “face with a name”!

If you have changed your appearance and you are afraid of what you might look like….here we go again with that old “fear” thing….or you have not seen the modern technology and the way I tidy up a face like you tidy up the crumbs on the dinner table, you are in the wrong state of mind!  That old “fear” mindset is getting you no where.

If the last good photo of you was your senior portrait, or if your photo is older than the car you are driving, it’s time for an image tune-up!

And even though you are afraid of the idea of having it done, every single person walks out of my studio ON AIR!

It’s the most affirming, positive mental and physical health thing they do all day!

No matter how they walk in, when they walk out, they know what I mean, by “Beautiful YOU!

© 2011 John Robert Williams

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