Where would you be now?

Ah, Ninth Grade Biology Class!

Where you learn all those lovable terms like; xylem phloem, meiosis, sarcoplasmic reticulum and cortex.

Plus, we got the whole straight-faced lectures on cell division, reproduction, replication all the way up to the survival of the species and how the human reproductive system works…..I vividly remember hearing words terms in class we NEVER hear or dare speak at home!  Yup, there they were, all the body parts, names, organs…..squirms…..giggles….you remember!

Other than the fairy tales and the cabbage patch and stork explanations, we find out where we came from….and with out fail, it’s from our mother.

You know…good old mom!

And we can’t imagine just how the woman who did our laundry, fed us, got us to school, put band-aids on bloody knees, yelled at us, made us clean up our rooms and held us when we cried, could EVER be a part of that biology class lecture…..it had to be someone else!

But through the years, there she always was.  I sure started taking her for granted from the time I can remember…she’s just always there.  The good times and the bad, there’s mom!

I am so lucky I’ve been around for decades and still have my mom (and dad) around. Many of you may have lost a parent.  Often I wonder what other people carry as memories of our parents and loved ones…and just how clear and vivid our memories are.

So far this year, my mother has been pretty sick.  Visits to the hospital and nursing homes, therapy, etc….it comes with the territory of living 88 years.  Thankfully, she’s gotten better and I was able to live one of my dreams, to capture forever my mom, the way she is now.

Last Friday, the “Perfect Portrait” team here at the studio, (see our pix at the header above) Heidi started out and gave my mom a wonderful, deep, relaxing massage. Watching mom walk out of the room, her eyes glazed in a smile of satisfaction and a happy smile was a treat in its own.  She sat quietly and contented as Debra prepped and then they really had a good time “gussying” her up for the portrait.  Never once did she ever say she was “too old” to have a photo made of her.  The pride, the confidence and quiet elegance she exuded was a treat to witness and capture.

We’ve all got a mom.  Maybe you have a sister, a wife, a daughter.  This is how I chose to honor my mom and our family, by capturing her just the way she is now.

How do you want to remember the beautiful woman who brought you into this world? After all, where would you be now, if it wasn’t for your mother?

The woman who helped make you what you are?

After all, you are, Half of Her!

How do you want to be remembered?  Or, how do you want to remember your Mother?What’s the legacy you or she wants to leave behind?

Have you lived a whole life, yet not left a shiny record of you, for the future?

So many people make excuses for not getting their portrait….or one updated to this CENTURY!  I hear them all….”I need to get some sun first”, (um, no…an artist prefers to work on a blank canvas, not a dark one!) – or- “I’m too old, too wrinkled, too fat, too…..too…too….

My mother loved the whole experience!  The whole family loves the results!  I got to show the world, one of the two beautiful women in my life, my mother, before it is too late.

And the best part is, she gets to see for herself what her son can show to her, her Beautiful YOU!

© 2011 John Robert Williams

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  1. What a beautiful woman with a mother’s heart of gold. I’m sure she is as proud of you as you her. Such love…..thank-you for sharing.

    As beautiful on the inside, as you are on the onside…..your son captured YOU!

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