Poet: Leland James

“John Robert Williams did the back-cover photograph for my most recent book of poetry. He works with skill and dedication at his art, with great sensitivity to the purpose of the photograph and the desires of the subject…. Read More

An Eyewitness to a Wonderful act of Humanity

I’ve been blessed!  Over the decades of making photographs, some assignments simply have been magic. Ten years ago this spring, I traveled for a week, recording Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Tourism Tour of Michigan.  It was quite a… Read More

Love your camera, but your photos aren’t so hot?

Hey! Would you REALLY like to learn photography from a photographer and get CREDIT for it? I’m now the Digital Photography faculty at NMC…my course is open for registration now! I’d love to have you in my class!… Read More

2 days left… “Staycation” special! Your age is your discount! Ends Friday, April 4th!

This week only!!! During our “Staycation” in TC, Your age is your Discount! Don’t miss it…our craziness may fade after this week…call or stop in now! It’s “Staycation” time in Traverse City! Some say you’re crazy to stay…well,… Read More

Caroline Schaefer-Hills  just posted this notice on Facebook: So happy John Robert Williams will be teaching DIGITAL PHOTO in the fall for us at NMC! Northwestern Michigan College Art Department We would like to announce that John Robert Williams Photographer… Read More

Another Happy Customer!

I LOVE making people happy with the photographs I make…It’s one of the blessings I celebrate…making people happy. That’s why I like to say, “Happiness Happens Here!” Food photography is something I really enjoy, so it warmed my… Read More

What’s the one thing that EVERYONE wants?

It’s been the ONE eternal quest in all humanity.   It’s written into our Declarations of Independence. It seems to be ingrained into our psyche…The search for HAPPINESS. Life is full of challenges, hurdles, hills, mountains, tragedy. The… Read More

The Power of “LIKES”

Yesterday, we were working in the portrait studio on lighting changes, because I’m rarely satisfied with the status quo…I always like to push myself and wrangle the light…I am the master of the light, I don’t let it… Read More

The Bijou by the Bay

If you haven’t had the chance to attend the new Bijou by the Bay, in Clinch Park in downtown Traverse City, you owe yourself the treat! The former Con Foster Museum has been transformed into the most modern,… Read More